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Shugo’s Foosy is a band founded in Pula (Croatia) in 2011, and consists of Alen Spada (guitar), Leon


Brenko (keyboards), Boris Boskovic (bass) and Dusan Kranjc (drums).





Four musicians coming from the same town, with different backgrounds, sharing  same interests in jazz, pop, rock and


traditional music, started working together on some original music quite spontaneously. The chemistry that was present


since the beginning  resulted with the authentic sound that can be described as groovy, melodic and comprehensable to


fans of any music genre. Even though the style of their music is set as jazz/ethno/fusion, these musicians are open to


various influences and combinations of styles if they find themselves comfortable and it enables them to express their



Latest News


The album " Grains of Sand " was released on

Oktober 20. 2014

Album is now available at Amazon and iTunes